O-Block is a nickname adopted by the “(300)” set of the Black Disciples gang, located in 64th King Drive blvd. That name was born out of honor for one of their fallen members named “Odee Perry”, whom was killed in 2011 by a hail of gunfire. Various Black Disciples rappers have mentioned O’Block in their rap songs such as Chief Keef whom said in his song John Madden “300 savage with Lamron, Its closed casket - O-Block we blitz n*ggas, Like , John Madden”

Black Disciples sets are currently at war with the various Gangster Disciple sets in Chicago’s South Side. Odee, like most fallen gang members, are often use as taunts by rival gang members. Flip, a friend of Lil JoJo praised JoJo World in one his tweet, Tadoe whom is a Black Disciples gang member replied to his post by saying “F*ck JoJo”. Flip would later reply to Tadoe’s comment by saying “TURN A N*GGA TO ODE(e) IF HE WANT BEEF”.

O'Block Members

  • King Von
  • Chief Keef
  • O'block Rage
  • Boss Top
  • Prince Dre

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