Vonmar (Born Delvon Irving) is a rapper from Chicago and is a member of the rap group known as Thot Boyz. As a rapper, Vonmar is well known for songs such as “Aw Shyt”, “That’s Me”, and “One Of A King” among others. Though well known as a rapper, Vonmar is best known as the prankster whom invented the fad known as “Put Em In A Coffin.”

Vonmar - Put Em In A Coffin

Put Em In A Coffin is a trend Vonmar started, it is done by jumping on a flat surface and making your body resemble that of a dead person in a coffin. Numerous individuals started doing it by going in stores and jumping on shelves full of item and leaving behind a mess.

Vonmar Arrested

On New Year’s day 2014, Vonmar and an accomplice went into 7-Eleven located on 45 E. Chicago Ave. and performed some pranks in the store. The pranks left the store with numerous damages. Days later, Vonmar was arrested on felony charges and held on $250,000 bail. Vonmar was unable to post his bail, and started a GoFundMe page in hope of raising the money necessary to post his bail from his fans.

Vonmar – Aw Shyt (Music Video)

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