Teardrop Tattoo

Teardrop tattoo (Tear Tattoo) is one of the many tattoos used by criminals to portray some part of their criminal past. The meaning of the teardrop tattoo has seen its meaning changed over time, it allegedly started from prison as a way for criminals in prison to mark raped individuals and criminals who’ve they claimed (Made Their B*tch), but now its meaning is less shameful, it’s described as a way for prisoners to describe the number of individuals they’ve killed, how many of their friends died, as well as numerous other things. This particular trend which started in prison is similar to sagging pants, because they both started in prison, but their meaning changed drastically when people outside of prisons started using them.

Teardrop Tattoo History

Inmates whom were raped in prison were sometime forcibly tatted with teardrops to inform other prisoners that they belonged to someone, as those inmates were released, they found it difficult to tell their peers and family what took place, thus they resorted to the lie that they tatted themselves to indicate the number of individuals they murdered. Though that was a lie, it was somewhat true, since prisoners often rape other prisoners to take their manhood, which in some way could be seen as the death of a man.

As those lies spread, people started accepting the false definition for teardrop tattoos which led to criminals in the streets tatting themselves up with teardrops to indicate they were murders. As time passed, people started using teardrop tattoos to indicate other things such as how many friends of theirs that passed as well as other things.

There are multiple types of the teardrop tattoo; the teardrop can be solid, half-filled, or empty. Which teardrop is used depends on what the teardrop represents.

Teardrop Tattoos Trend

Teardrop tattoos were only used by criminals especially gang members, but in the early 2000s, numerous Hip Hop artists started getting teardrop tattoos such as Game, Lil Wayne, and Birdman, thus came the trend. Now some people see getting teardrop tattoo because it has this cool edge to it.

In 2014, a criminal named Jeremy Meeks, whom became famous in the news because he was adored by females, surged interest in teardrop tattoos because he had one on his face in his mug shot.

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