Side Chick

A Side Chick (Side Piece) is a female who have sex with men in a relationship, but is not regarded as a significant other by the men she's having sex with. Side Chicks usually have low self esteem and are usually considered whores by most members of society. A f*ck buddy is only considered a side piece if the man she's having sex with has a girlfriend or wife.

How to Become a Side Chick

The first thing one must do to become a side chick is lose all respect for yourself (given you had any to begin with), the rest is easy. Find a man who's only interested in seeing you when he's horny and his girl (the one he claims to care about) isn't available.

Can Side Chicks Get Into A Real Relationship?

Side Chicks can definitely get into a real relationship, there's a group of men out there known as SIMPs, they'll waste their time and asset on anything, including side chicks. When a Side Chick is done whoring herself and is ready to settle down, her best options for a healthy relationships are Simps and Beta Males who aren't matured enough to realize some people are undatable.

Risks of Having a Side Chick

While some claim having a side piece is fun, it does come with some risks. Since the man is already in a committed relationship and his significant other is unaware of the side chick, certain occasions might arise which will jeopardize the man's relationship. Below is a list of some of the risks:

  • Side Chick gets pregnant.
  • Side Chick develops feeling and threatened to confront your significant other.
  • Side chick has STDs.
  • Side Chick decides to blackmail you.

Other Names for Side Chicks

There's a long list of other names that Side Chicks are commonly refer to as, below are some of them:

Common Characteristics of Side Chicks

  • Low IQ
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Worn out reproductive organs

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