Prince Dre

Prince Dre Prince Dre is a rapper and Black Disciples gang member from O’Block. Prince Dre is part of the Drill movement that started from Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods. He’s also a member of the rap group 485 which was found by S. Dot, a Black Disciples gang member from the 600 click.

Prince Dre has numerous videos on youtube which has amassed more than a million views. Some of his most popular songs include ‘Munna Gang’ featuring Boss Top, ‘Kill or be Killed’ featuring JB Binladen, ‘Ona Guyz’, ‘Get That Bag’ featuring Tay600, and Homie among others.Prince Dre claims behind from the streets help and hurt him, because fans like the story he’s telling in his songs, but the fame that come his songs, has made him a prime target for haters and rival gang members. Prince Dre has released one mixtape titled ‘Fresh Prince of O-Block” which can be downloaded from Datpiff. When asked who he would like to work with, Prince Dre said S. Dot, Lil Reese, and anyone that’s in the field because he doesn’t want to work with fakes.

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