No Type (Meaning)

No Type is a term used by people whom have no preferences in men or women. For instance, if a guy don't mind what size or color a girl is, they'll say they have no type. This term became very popular in 2014 due to Rae Sremmurd's song titled "No Type" in which they rapped about how they loved all type of women.

Rae Sremmurd - No Type

No Type is a 2014 song made by Rae Sremmurd. Though the song is suppose to be about how they have no preferences in women, the whole song is actually about their preferences in women. For instance, in the song Swae Lee raps "I don't got no type, (nah) - Bad b*tches is the only thing that I like, (woo)." That line is in contradiction with the song's title.

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