MOBB Tides

Mobb tides is a gang located in Richmond, VA east end the gang's number is 300 not to be confused with the BD's (Black Disciples) gang set their nick name is Dell gang in memory of fallin member Dell. Rapper Lil Rod is in Mobb tides and the Willow boyz which is a rap group is affiliated with the 300 gang. Their rival gang is 2x another gang in the city's east end and also mock the fallin member Zymontae "Montae" Redd by saying Montae World k. Another rival gang is TTB which is the gang that beat up rapper Lil Rod and said a lot of stuff to them on facebook. Their gang sign consists of you connecting your thumb and middle finger together and the rest of the fingers up and to get in by letting them beat up and you can't fight back.


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