Lil Bibby (Chicago Rap Artist)

Lil Bibby whose real name is 'Brandon Dickerson' is a talented young rap artist from Chicago whom was born in 1994. His style of music, though similar to that of famous rapper Chief Keef, is often described by critics as being more lyrical. Lil Bibby often collaborates with fellow Chicago Artist Lil Herb in songs such as 'Kill sh*t, and have mixtapes out with Lil Herb. Lil Bibby is a member of the infamous Black P Stone criminal gang, and claims 'EBK' in many of his song, which stands for 'EveryBody killer'. Lil Bibby's set 'No Limit' is a renegade set of the Black P Stone Nation. Bibby is sometime seen wearing clothes with the acronym 'NLMB' which stands for 'Never Leave My Brother', NLMB is a pact form between Bibby's gang and the 'Muskegon Boyz' which is a renegade faction of the Gangster Disciples. Some of Lil Bibby's most well known songs include 'How We Move' (which features fellow Rapper King Louie), 'For the Low' 'My Hood' as well as countless other great tracks.

Lil Bibby describes himself as a quiet person, and says he's trying to get used to being surrounded by cameras all the time. He grew up listening to Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane whom he list as artists whom have influenced him in the music industry. Though he's been compared to the likes of Jay Z and Drake, he doesn't believe he sounds like any of them or anyone in the music industry at this time. Lil Bibby's ultimate goal is to be considered as one of the greatest of all time like rap legends Tupac and Biggie.

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