KuThroat Mafia

Kuthroat Mafia kuThroat Mafia is a all american Hip-Hop/Rap group that consist of YGBM, Blaze, And Money they are a Talented group from the state of South Carolina representing Greenville and they will not stop until its done. they are currently working with a deal with Def Jam Recording Studios and UMG Recording Studio. All i gotta say now is welcome to the world of kuthroat and take the journey to success.


GANG REALATION- Half Of The Members Are Under Tree Top P1RU Mostly Known From YG Kali Based GANG.


KTM VS DGM- The Beef Started Over DGM Trying To Copy KTM They Tried To Steal The Name.....

In End Of 2014 (KTM MADE A SONG CALLED SMoking .... Which They Said " We KTM Smoking Dead Homies Call Up DGM"




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