Keith KeKe Bonds

Keith KeKe Bonds
Keith Keke Bonds
Keith “KeKe” Bonds was a Black Disciples gang member from the South Side of Chicago believed to have been killed as retaliation for Lil JoJo’s murder. Lil JoJo whom was a member of the Gangster Disciples from the set known as Bricksquad was murdered in a drive-by shooting on September 4, 2012.

Following Lil JoJo’s murder, KeKe appeared on a youtube video with an unidentified teenager mocking JoJo’s death. A couple days later on September 15, 2012, the teenager was gunned down, but survived. On September 1 7, 2012, 2 days after the teenager from the video was shot, KeKe was shot multiple times, but unlike the teenager, Keith Bonds did not survive his gunshot wounds.

Investigators believe all those shootings were gang related, JoJo is an Insane Gangster Disciples and his set is currently at war with various sets of the Black Disciples in the South Side Chicago. Both sides have numerous rappers whom often mock the death of their rivals in their song. In Chief Keef’s song ‘Kay Kay’, he said “Wack a f*ck n*gga” like Aiki”, Aiki was member of the Gangster Disciples whom was murdered, though his murder is unresolved, many believe the Black Disciples murdered him.

Keith KeKe Bonds’ mother said she didn’t know that her son was murdered as retaliation for JoJo’s murder but claimed she knew that her son was out on parole for burglary and drug possession. KeKe’s mother told reporters that her son was a nonviolent individual, and had big plan for his life which included opening a restaurant.
Sometime in 2013, Tadoe, a Black Disciples member and a member of the rap group Glory Boyz Entertainment, posted the following on twitter, “tay jojo thought da same thing into he saw D.rose and Fredo & keke pull up on him boom boom. After the tweet was published, Fredo Santana said “N*ggas lying on my name got the feds at my front door”.

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