Heater (Slang Meaning)

Heater (Heat) is a slang term used to refer to guns. When a gun is fired it heats up, hence the term heater. Though people mostly refer to handguns as heaters, all guns are considered heaters. If a machine gun with large mag is fired repeatedly it might even catch fire.

This slang term is heavily used in Hip Hop, in Dej Loaf's We Good song, she says "We don't rap beef, we really clap heat." In Lil Herb's 4 Minutes Of Hell Part 2, he says "Nah it ain't all love where I meet you at - N*ggas want Herb man that's why I keep a strap - Posted over East man where them heaters at - Run up on me bro let them heaters clap."

Gun Catching Fire

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