EBE Bandz

EBE Bandz (also known as Billy Da Kid, born William Pickering) was a rapper and a member of the Black P Stone gang from Chicago, IL, who was killed in 2019. EBE Bandz stood out instantly for being a great drill rapper and being one of the very few white rappers drill rappers in Chicago. One of his first songs to blow up was 'Demons' which featured Racks ATM and Benji Glo. EBE Bandz' videos have garnered millions of views on Youtube. EBE Bandz was killed in June 2019.


When EBE Bandz started rapping he used to go by the name GMEBE Bandz. This was due to EBE and GME, two music groups consisting of Black P Stone gang members, coming together to form an alliance. EBE and GME would later split and go back to being individual groups, hence why Bandz changed his name to EBE Bandz.

EBE Bandz Death

EBE Bandz was reported missing in 2019 and people quickly feared the worst. Those fears would later become reality, when his lifeless body was recovered 3 weeks later on June 20, 2019. Authorities claim EBE Bandz was beaten and killed with a baseball bat before his killers set his body ablaze.

Two individuals were later arrested in connection to his death, William Arzate, 22, and Manuel Ramirez, 22. Authorities claim EBE Bandz died after being hit in the head with a baseball bat by Arzate, Arzate and Ramirez then transported his body to a nearby wood where they set it on fire.

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