Detroit No-Fly Zone

Detroit No-Fly Zone is the name adopted by Detroit due to the fact certain individuals (criminals) claim that individuals cannot come to Detroit to earn money without obtaining agreement from the criminals overseeing Detroit’s No-Fly Zone. The individual credited with creating the No-Fly Zone for Detroit is Trick-Trick, whom is often described by people as a part-time rapper and full-time goon.

The Detroit No-Fly Zone mostly affects rappers whom are from out of town performing in Detroit, more specifically gangster rappers. An individual like Justin Bieber performing in Detroit will most likely not have any problems in Detroit, however, a rapper such as Rick Ross, a self-proclaimed Boss from Miami might run into some trouble.

A No-Fly Zone in the real world is described as an area in which aircraft cannot travel to without some form of agreement with whoever is in control of the No-Fly Zone. Any aircraft flying over a No-Fly Zone without consent of those in control might be shot down depending on the rules set for the No-Fly Zone.

Rick Ross Vs Detroit No-Fly Zone

In June 2014, Rick Ross, a well-known gangster rapper, was set to perform in Detroit, however, when he arrived at the venue to perform, he was allegedly met with about 100 thugs whom claim they were peacefully protesting. Rick Ross didn’t want any part of that peaceful protest, and ran out without performing. When the news broke out about Rick Ross being chased out of Detroit, people were quick to point out that he was a victim of Detroit’s No-Fly Zone.

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