Blicky (Slang Meaning)

Blicky (Blic) is slang for firearms. This term is heavily used by rappers in Hip Hop songs. For instance, in the song "1 Up" by Dah Dah Ft Curly Savv, Savv raps "Pour me some sprite, I load the Blic and I'm gone for the night." Curly Savv a rapper from New York, is essentially saying that, he drinks some lean, then load his weapon (blic) and leaves for the night. In the song "Sh*T Getting Real" by New Jersey rapper Young Zir, Zir raps "They hit bro, so it's cracking, might bend the block in all black, and send shots straight back down, won't stop till the blic jam." This slang was also used in the song "Big Opps America" in which Jezz Gasoline rapped "F*ck a blicky

We got choppas."

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