46 Terror (Chicago Gang)

46 Terror (46 Woodlawn/ 46 THF) is a gang located in Chicago, Illinois. Their members consist of Black Disciples and Mickey Cobras. 46 also goes by other names such as Karl Town, Black World & Gudda World. They are closely aligned with 44th Princeton, a Mickey Cobra set and members of the THF family.

46 Territory

46 has members across numerous streets in Chicago which include 45/46/47th, Drexel,Ellis, Greenwood & Woodlawn.

46 Enemies

  • TYMB
  • 051 Young Money
  • GeoDrive
  • 757
  • STL
  • SuWuTTB
  • MOB´╗┐

46 Crimes

46 was put in the spotlight due to the murder of Hadiya Pendleton. According to Authorities, Hadiya Pendleton was an innocent girl that was murdered by members of Suwu, a rival of 46, while trying to exact revenge for a member of their gang whom was shot by members of 46.

46 is also suspected of killing Blood Money, a rapper from Glory Boyz. Many gang members claim Blood Money was killed due to Blood Money's cousin Chief Keef. Blood Money was killed shortly after Chief Keef released his diss track "War" in which he dissed numerous rival gangs including 46, in the song Chief Keef said "Run up on 46, leave a n*gga flat dead."

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