ZackTV1 (Born Zachary Stoner) was a prominent youtuber/reporter from Chicago, Illinois, whom went into different neighborhoods to interview rappers and gang members. Zack was often hailed as modern day reporter who paved the way for other interviewers due to him going to different dangerous gang territories to interview their members. ZackTV was shot and killed on May 30, 2018.

ZackTV1 Kenneka Jenkin’s Death

Zack was one of the individual whom interviewed and investigated Kenneka Jenkin’s death. Kenneka died in 2017 after walking into a walk-in freezer in an hotel. Numerous rumors came up including her friends killed her, while some say it was the hotel. Zack interviewed some of Kenneka's friends that were in the hotel whom have all deny any wrong doings. Another unproven rumor was that Zack had something to do with her death. Authorities officially declared her death an accident.

ZackTV1 Video Used as Evidence For Arrest

One of Zack Tv's videos showed gang members flashing weapons and detailing their criminal activities. When the video was seen by the Harvey police department, warrants were served which led to the arrest of numerous gang members including rapper Monk Donk.

ZackTV1's Gang Affiliation

Zach Stoner was affiliated with 10-5 Goon Town, a set of the Gangster Disciples from the Wild 100s. He used to post music videos of Rome on his channel, a gang member from Goon Town whom was later arrested for murder.

ZackTV1 Death

On May 30, 2018, Zack was shot and killed in a drive-by. An individual recorded the end of the shootout which showed numerous individuals getting in a vehicle and leaving the scene. Many believe that his death was carried out by rival 10-5 Goon Town gangs whom wanted revenge on Rome, but since Rome was locked up they decided to take out one of his closest affiliates, ZackTV1.

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