Young Moose

Young Moose (born Kevron Evans) is a gansta rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. As the crime rate in Baltimore soared in 2015, Young Moose has been targeted by the Baltimore Police Department in what many believe is a result of his popularity among the youths in Baltimore whom are responsible for many of the murders being committed in the city. Young Moose is from the East Side of Baltimore and has been beefing with numerous rappers from the West Side of Baltimore. Some of Young Moose’s most popular songs include “Tru Bill,” “Wassup Wit Em,” and “Dumb Dumb” among others.

Young Moose Beefs

Young Moose has been beefing with numerous rappers from Baltimore including, Nazty and Shilio (Shymoney). In January 2015, Nazty released a song titled “Young Moose Diss” on youtube which was filmed on Young Moose’s block. Young Moose would later respond to Nazty in his song titled “True Bill (Nasty & Shilio) Facts.” In True Bill, Moose addresses Nazty shooting a video on his turf and raps “Sneakin videos in b*tch you knew we wasn't out - Its like 2 in the am zero below 10 - Somebody must of told your f*ggot ass that we took it in.”

On May 19, 20015, Nazty (Darell Alston) was shot to death in East Baltimore. Two suspects were later apprehended, Andrew Parmele and Shilo Thomas (Shymoney).

Young Moose Arrests

Young Moose has been arrested numerous times in what many see as the result of him being targeted for his music by the Baltimore Police Department. In 2014 Young Moose arrested after police found numerous heroin gel caps in his residence, though Young Moose wasn’t home, the Baltimore PD claim that they decided to search his home due to the fact he rapped about selling drugs in a number of his songs.

Club promoters also claim that they’ve been harassed by the Baltimore Police Department to not let Young Moose performed in their venues. Many of them claim that the Baltimore PD threatened to disrupt their events if Young Moose was permitted to enter their venues.

Young Moose Freddie Gray Tribute

In May 2015, Young Moose released a music video titled “No Sunshine” featuring Martina Lynch which highlighted the problems with the Baltimore Police Department. In the beginning of the video, a message read “Over 5.7 Million (dollars) have been paid out by Baltimore since 2011 in over 100 police brutality lawsuit.” The intro to the song included numerous Baltimore police brutalities caught on tape, and in the song, Young Moose raps “I’m Young Moose, I’m the future, they trying to do me like Kunta.”

Young Moose - True Bill (Music Video)

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