Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever is slang term used to describe anyone with a fetish or extreme appreciation for Asian people. This term is considered offensive by many individuals due to the use of the word "yellow' to describe Asians.

Though this term is often used to describe any non-Asian showing affections for Asians, it's also used to describe any non-Asian individual whose obsessed with Asians and their culture. Many Asians have written about their dislike of individual with Asian Fever, some of them claim they find it offensive that individuals would walk up to them and ask about their ethnicity only to be told they have a thing for Asians and want an Asian wife/husband. Another reason some Asian females hate this term is because some people with "Asian Fever" often picture them as Anime characters and expect them to dress and act like them.

There is also a disease known as "Yellow Fever", this disease is not associated with the slang term "Yellow Fever". This term is similar to the term Jungle Fever which is used to describe a non-black individual being sexually attracted to a black individuals.