Yeet (Dance)

Yeet is a dance that became popular in 2014. Though the dance was barely known in early 2014, it became an internet sensation after a kid nicknamed “Lil Meatball” uploaded a video of himself doing the yeet dance, the video was soon edited by various online personalities and went viral. Very little is known about the Yeet dance, unlike many hip hop dances that are often created and promoted by well know hip hop stars, the Yeet dance’s creator is still unknown. Though Yeet is a dance, it's often compared to past fads that have come and gone such as planking.

How To Do The Yeet Dance

To do the Yeet, first bend your knees, then put your hands up as if you’re riding a bicycle, then swing and dip to the left and right. When someone is performing the Yeet they often add their own moves in between each Yeets.

Yeet Song

There have been numerous Yeet songs released in 2014, the most popular out of all the yeet songs released is “Movin” by rapper Young Thug. Another popular Yeet song is “Teach Me How To Yeet” by Oh Boy Prince.

Yeet Video

Below is a video of random individuals performing the Yeet dance to “Teach Me How To Yeet” by Oh Boy Prince.

Lil Meatball

Lil Meatball is considered to be one of the individuals responsible for Yeet’s success. Lil Meatball’s original Yeet video included a dance move in which Meatball extended his hands as if he was firing a rifle. After the original video was released, numerous memes were released which added an object into Meatball’s hand while placing him in random scenes such as the Boyz In The Hood movie. One of the more famous memes released on the internet included Lil Meatball shooting at Lil Terrio, while standing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing without a trace on March 8, 2014. Another famous Yeet MeMe depicts Meatball holding a gun to IceJJFish's head while telling him to get on the floor.

Yeet Videos

Numerous videos and vines have been released with Lil Meatball’s dance edited, as well as other individuals displaying their Yeet skills. Below is a video containing some of the best yeet dances.

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