Yae Yae Jordan

Yae Yae Jordan (Born Cordell Jones) is a rapper from Detroit whom is affiliated with Chief Keef's Glo Gang label. He's from Puritan Ave which is often referred to as "PA" or "Yae Yae", hence the name Yae Yae Jordan. He is allegedly a Crip gang member. Yae Yae Jordan's rap career came to a halt on October 17, 2014, after being added to Michigan's Most Wanted list and appearing on "Crime Stoppers" for a murder that was committed on September 20, 2014, at the Déjà Vu nightclub. According to authorities, on September 20, 2014, a shootout broke out at the Déjà Vu nightclub leaving one person dead and 2 others badly injured, authorities believed that Yae Yae Jordan was the killer and was later added to Michigan's Most Wanted list for murder.

Soon after being added to the Most Wanted list and appearing on Crime Stoppers, authorities got a tip of Yae Yae Jordan's hideout, cops later went in to arrest Yae Yae Jordan. His arrest was actually recorded by his associates and was later posted on social networks. Yae Yae Jordan was convicted and sentenced to 33-60 years in prison.

Yae Yae Jordan's Arrest Video

Yae Yae Jordan - Strapped (Music Video)

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