YGM (Record Label)

YGM is a record label that is associated with a street gang in Little Rock, Arkansas called Y'z. They are associated with Bloods, Crips, Folks, "FTS" (Fo The Savages),and "DMG" (Dirty Money Gang). They claim there YGMK for their enemies and Y'zK also. They are located in mostly South, East, and North Little Rock. YGM the label stands for "YungNs Gettin Money". 3 of the members that rap of YGM Is Jay, KD, and HotHead?. The rest of their associates they call shooters are called Y'z. They go by colors of Red, Gold, and Black. Y'z is known for street fights with "DartGang" (DBG) and has dissed many of Dead People from DBG. They are often known for wearing Hoods with hats or ski masks. They are also associated with Chicago's "Reese" from TYMB and "HotHead". Some claim to be associated with Flint and Detroit. There is a couple dead members from the group that they always give tributes to.

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