Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp is a slang word used to refer to any tattoos located on an individual's lower back, males and females. The term tramp stamp is derogatory and implies that the individual with the tattoo is a whore/slut. Though there are many rumors of how the term tramp stamp came to be, no one is certain of its origin.

Tramp Stamp Origin

There have been numerous debates on how lower back tattoos came to be, but no one is certain of its origin. One myth is that Pimps used to tattoos their whores on the lower back to inform other pimps that they already belonged to someone.

Why Do Men/Women Get Tramp Stamps

Tattoos on the lower back automatically bring attraction to the individual's butt which have led many to speculate they do it for attention. Some people with tramp stamps claim it has some deep meaning to them, while others simply claim it's their body they'll do whatever they want with it.

Tramp Stamp on Men Vs Women

While both sexes sport Tramp Stamps, women are more likely then man to be shamed for their choice. This is a result of very few men having tramp stamps, and those that do, often cover them up since it's not normal for men to wear shirts that expose their lower backs. Men are also not seen as sluts in Western Society, regardless of how many women they've slept with.

Tramp Stamp Laws

There are no laws targeting Tramp Stamps. In 2014, Russian Lawmakers tried to pass new laws requiring tattoo artist to inform customers of possible consequences of getting inked, especially those located on the lower buttocks.

Tramp Stamp Study

Swami and Furnham conducted a http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2337789/Study-suggests-tattoo-really-IS-tramp-stamp-Men-likely-try-chat-painted-lady-think-promiscuous.html" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">study to find out how men perceived women with lower back tattoos. They concluded that men believe that women sporting a tramp stamp are easier to get with and are likely to have sex on the first date. The study also found out that those with a tramp stamp were approached more by men than those without, which gives credibility to the idea that women with tramp stamps are doing it for attention.

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