Thotiana is a slang term for a hoe, slut, etc… It originates from the word Thot. Thotiana is similar to the word ‘nina’ which is actually a female name for a nine millimeter handgun. Lot of time, instead of calling a hoe a thot, people will simply call them thotianas. The word Thotiana is basically the word thot in feminine form.

Chicago is often credited for coming up with this slang. This slang also started getting popular out of Chicago due to the rise of Drill music, which was created by Chicago. Rapper often refer to hoes as thots or thotianas in their songs. Rapper Billionaire Black had a song titled “Play Around” Featuring Lil Jay and P. Rico, in which he says “Catch a opp, we gon' let him have it - No face, no case - like Meek Mill, don't fuckin' panic - I'm getin' head by this thotiana”.

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