Tay-K 47 (Taymor McIntyre) is a Texas based rapper born on June 6 in Long Beach, California. Tay-K became popular after releasing a song titled “The Race” while on the run for an alleged murder. At the start of his career he was a member of the rap group the Daytona Boyz.

Tay-K Murder of Ethan Walker

In August of 2016, Ethan Walker, 21, was shot to death during a home robbery attempt. Authorities claim the robbery was a drug heist. 2 girls that were invited over the house let numerous individuals in including Tay-K, while the robbers were running out of the house the occupants tried to stop them but 3 of them got shot in the process, one of them fatally. Tay-K was placed on house arrest, but on March 27, 2017, he posted a tweet reading “f*ck dis house arrest sh*t f*ck 12 they gn hav 2 catch me on hood.” Tay-K proceeded to cut off his ankle monitor and went on the run to do the race.

Tay-K Murder of Female College Student

After performing a show with his group the Daytona Boyz on December 31, 2015, Tay-K and friends tried picking up some girls, after failing to do so, his friend Santana Sage (Eric Johnson) , opened fire on their vehicle, killing Sara Mutschlechner. Santana Sage was later found guilty of the murder. An instagram post was later shared indicating that Santana was aiming for a male in the vehicle and not Sarah.

Tay-K Violent Robbery of Skip Pepe

Tay-K is accused of robbing 65 year-old Skip Pepe whom was attacked and robbed near his home in Arlington’s Craven Park on May 25, 2017. According to Pepe, Tay-K approached him from behind while he was walking, pointed a small snub-nosed black revolver to his head, and whispered ‘Give me your wallet.’ Pepe refused to comply to Tay-K’s orders and was knocked out. Pepe later identified Tay-K as the robber in a police lineup. Pepe claim he was deceived by Tay-K’s look since the teenager didn’t look like someone capable of such horrific crime and looked more like “an all-American high school kid.” Pepe suffered multiple injuries from the attack including multiple fractured ribs, multiple scrapes and cuts, and bleeding in the brain.

Tay-K Gang Affiliation

Tay-K was born in Long Beach, California, his mother was a member of Baby Insane Crip. While living in Texas, he was influenced by Chicago gang culture, and claimed he got a lot of his flows from Chicago rapper Chief Keef. Tay-K referred to his squad as Santana World, Santana is an affiliate of Tay-K whom is currently locked up. Naming gangs after member names is something done by Chicago gangs after one of their members get killed, such as Chief Keef’s gang which goes by O’Block in honor of fallen member Odee Perry.

Tay-K Arrested

After being on the run for 3 months, Tay-K was arrested in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on June 30, 2017.

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