Smoking Tooka

Smoking Tooka is a diss aimed at Gangster Disciples in Chicago, Illinois. Tooka (Shondale Gregory) was a Gangster Disciples gang member whom was gun to death while waiting for a bus. When someone is gun down, people often refer to it as getting smoked. In Chicago, it's very common for people to name weed packs after dead rival members as a form of disrespect before they smoke it. When someone say they're smoking on Tooka, they're usually rivals (opps) making fun of him.

It's very common in Drill Music to hear rappers talk about how they smoking on Opp packs. Some popular packs in Chicago Drill Music are: L'A Pack, Baldy Pack and Tooka Pack among others.

Tooka Pack In Drill Music

Here are some rappers whom have mentioned Tooka Pack in their lyrics:

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