Slowbucks is a clothing company founded by 2 childhood friends, Windsor "Slow" Lubin and Rodney "Bucks" Charlemagne. The name of the company is a merge between the founders' nicknames, Slow and Bucks. According to Bucks, they started making shirts for themselves, and as people started asking them where they could buy the shirts, they decided it was a good idea to supply the demand. The company grew at a fast pace as major rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Waka Flacka started wearing their products. In 2014, they received multiple offers from major clothing companies for distribution deals, and eventually signed with Mark Ecko.

50 Cent Rob Slowbucks At Summer Jam 2014

Windsor Slow Lubin and Rodney Bucks Charlemagne
Rodney Bucks Charlemagne(L) and Windsor Slow Lubin(R)
Slow attended Summer Jam 2014 and was on stage for many of the performances, while 50 Cent was performing a song, some of his bodyguards attacked Slow and stole his chains. The attack was apparently retaliation for Slowbucks posting a picture on Instagram with 50 Cent's estranged son while giving the camera the middle finger. Slowbucks' response to the incident was to lawyer up and let the legal system handle those responsible for his embarrassing attack.

50 Cent actually used to be friends with Slowbucks, Slow made an appearance in 50's 'In My Hood' video, and while their company was fairly new, 50 Cent did some promos for them. Their relationship started going sour when Slowbucks was promoting their merchandises with mainstream rappers that were 50 Cent's enemies. Regardless of their affiliation with 50 Cent's enemies, they were still cool, since it was on a business level, but as time went by Slowbucks started appearing in videos of diss songs aimed at 50, most notably Trav's video for 'Celebrate'. Slowbucks posted the instagram picture with 50's son a little while after Trav's video.

Video Explaining What Led To 50 Cent Robbing Slowbucks

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