Slim Dunkin

Slim Dunkin is a rapper from Atlanta who belongs to the famous label “Brick Squad Monopoly” which included famous artists such as Gucci Man and Waka Waka Flocka. He was born on January 1, 1987, and died at 31 years old. Slim’s hometown is Atlanta, Georgia even though he got to travel so many countries due to his profession. The saddest news is that he is no longer with us as he died in December 2011.

Slim Dunkin Death

There is no doubt in the fact that his death was a terrible incident as he got shot in the chest. He was shot by fellow rapper Vinson Hardimom while they were in the midst of a fight. The question arises what was the fight about? Their fight was over candy. Hardimom was charged of felony murder charges and murder in February 2013. The Court also made sure that he would stay in jail for 23 years. It is important to know that Hardimom is still in jail because of his crime. Despite the fact that Hardimom got punished, Slim’s father whose name is Mark Hamilton was not happy with the verdict that came before. There is no doubt that it was indeed very tragic.

Slim Dunkin Facts

We will now talk about certain important facts about Slim Dunkin’s life and death. He always loved getting tattoos which is the reason why most of his body was covered with tattoos. As we already know how full of suspense his death was so let’s jump into that topic straight. Slim died because of just one gunshot wound in his chest and he was taken to Atlanta’s Georgia Grady Memorial Hospital. His funeral took place on December 22, 2011. Another interesting fact about his death was that it was investigated by Atlanta’s homicide detective David Quinn.

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