Saint Brix

Hip Hop recording artist and producer Brandon Leevon Mason may be relatively new on the music scene, but already the talented entrepreneur is making an impression everywhere he goes. At just 26-years-old North Carolina (Cabarrus County) born Brandon Leevon Mason, also known as Saintbrix is the CEO and President of independent music label SPR Music Group and a popular recording engineer. 

‘Brix’ as he’s known to friends began his career at just 18 in 2008 as a songwriter penning music for local bands in his hometown of Salisbury, in 2003 he was scouted and signed with a music manager who he says taught him “some of the hardest lessons to learn in this business”. Realising he was better at driving his own career and business interests after a number of years perfecting his craft and making vital contacts in the industry Saintbrix entered the music business as an executive. 

In 2011, along with fellow North Carolina based rappers the (SPR) Saintbrix formed SPR Entertainment and began carving the right business relationship, including that with music publisher Ivan Mogull , a founder of Ivan Mogull Music Ltd and former music publisher of The Beatles. The pair’s collaboration took off with the single You Aint Uh Gangsta in 2011 right up to the more recent Why You Eyeing Me in 2014, I Feel Like I’m Hated On and And I Got To Be Famous. The tracks were eventually listed on his debut album Everything vs Nothing 

Saintbrix credits Ivan with much of his success saying the music publisher isn’t afraid to send an artist back into the studio to keep hitting a project “not because of talent but because of timing” he explained. In 2013 a string of successful promotional shows in Charlotte, NC, promoting unreleased material saw Saintbrix securing an ever-growing following as a result of the popularity of the 16-track mixtape project, called Project 3D: T he Mixtape which features a whole range of collaborations with various hip hop music producers as well as his forthcoming single Never Change My Way, expected to drop later this year.


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