SD whose real name is Tyler Shaeed Smit was born in Chicago. He is a rapper and member of the rap label Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE) which is own by Chief Keef and Fredo Santana. SD is often considered by numerous people as being one of the best out of the GBE label. He has released numerous mixtapes which were highly praised by critics. Some of SD’s mixtapes include “life of a savage 1, 2, and 3”. He also has numerous music videos posted on youtube for some of his mixtape songs. Some of SD’s most popular songs include “We Wassup”, “Rob Da Hood”, “Global Now”, “Biker Boyz”, “Can’t Tell Me Sh*t” as well as numerous other songs.

Gang Affiliation

SD is a member of the gang Black Disciples. SD’s songs contain numerous lyrics praising his gang. In his song “Global Now” featuring Chief Keef, he says “I'm a savage so it's f*ck ni*as - I'm 300, I don't trust ni*as - GBE forever, so it's us n*as - I'm a don don't look to no ni*a”. The “300” in his lyrics is a name that the Black Disciples faction he’s from usually refer to themselves as. He also reference his gang in ‘Global Now’ When he says “OTF, leave you left guy - You ain't sh*t when it come to I - You fuc*en with my family, you prob die”, OTF is yet another name Black Disciples member go by.

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