Ruthless (Rapper)

Ruthless (Rapper) Ruthless is a Hip Hop artist whose name was El Jocko but later changed it to Ruthless and isĀ  from Classic City, Ga but a lot of people would prefer to say he's from Atlanta, Ga due to the two cities only being an hour away from each other. He has plenty of talent and he has potential to make a great impact on the Hip Hop. Community. He is very great with his swagger and way with words , in other words his lingos crazy. He very young and humble. He's music group is called Mula Mafia and everyody in his group real family. He has his younger blood brother and his two lil cousins behind him making music also and is help building a foundation. He's building a empire with his family and is on the come up. Ruthless and Mula Mafia don't look at thereselves as local rappers, they always had that global music. Ruthless has big plans to sign to a major label or become a huge independent label. As Ruthless reaches sucess he is hungry to take his Mula Mafia family with him.


Ruthless grew up playing sports like any other kid. He played basketball growing up. After highschool he attended college for two years and decided to drop out and pursue his music career. He figured making music is a better career than going to college and it's something he loves to do and can only see hisself doing music as a career. It also can help get his Mula Mafia family out the hood. It all started with a vision for Ruthless to make it to the top. Mula Mafia family is taking over with variuos artist and their next up. Everybody is hating on them and is hating on Ruthless because he is very talented and is soon to become a global rap star. He's creative and hes great with words. Be on the look out for Ruthless in the near future.

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