Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh was born ‘Donal Pullen’ on April 16, 1991 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up on Chicago’s south side for the better half of his life, and then moved to Homewood, Illinois. Rockie Fresh is a rap artist and well known for his alternative hip hop style which differs from that of his peers coming out of Chicago. He is currently signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group(MMG) label.

Rockie Fresh was raised in a Christian household, and was not allowed to listen to rap music until he was old enough to comprehend what was being said in the lyrics. When he was old enough to listen to hip hop music, he started listening to Kanye West, Jay Z, Lupe Fiasco and Common, as well other famous rap artists. While his friends were listening to party music, he preferred those types of music because they challenged him to think on a variety of subjects.

Music Career

Rockie Fresh says that becoming a rap musician was a matter of trial and error. He started out by adding a couple of songs on myspace, though people said his songs were good, they didn’t receive too many views. He finally added a self-titled song which caught the attention of hip hop website FakeShoreDrive, they added the song to their site and that inspired Rockie to keep writing songs and to eventually release some mixtapes.

Rockie Fresh released his first mixtape titled “Rockie’s Modern Life” in December 2009. He recorded his first mixtape in a small studio where he met Andrew Koenig and Andrew Gertler, whom later would both become his managers. After releasing his first mixtape, he soon started working on his second mixtape titled “The Otherside” which was released in 2010. The releases of his first two mixtapes were very successful, which led to many praises from critics. Following of the release of ‘The Other Side’, Metromix named Rockie Fresh as one of the ’25 Hottest Artists Under 25’.

Rockie Fresh has numerous videos on youtube, his most popular video is 'God is Great' which has received 100s of thousands of views. His other popula videos include songs such as 'Life Long' featuring Rick Ross, 'You a Lie' featuring Rick Ross, and 'How we do' featuring fellow Chicago rapper King Louie.

Music Style

Rockie Fresh’s music style is very different from that of other rappers from Chicago such as Chief Keef , Lil Durk and Katie Got Bandz whom are part of the trap/drill movement. While those artists tend to rap about the gang life they’ve lived, Rockie’s style is often considered as alternative rap which is heavily influenced by alternative rock. Rockie Fresh believes it’s great that there are so many rappers out right now with all those different styles, because it shows how diverse Chicago is. Rockie believe that Chicago Artists got the drill scene locked up, and he respect them for what they’re doing, he also said those guys also support him.

Rockie Fresh used to listened to alternative rock while growing up which explains why his music has been described by many as alternative rap; he prefers the chill type of alternative rock such as John Mayer, Paramore, and Fallout Boy. He claims his style of music is highly influenced by alternative rock, and he tries to make his music mirror that of his favorite artists. He also claims that he wants his music to have a meaning and serve and purpose.

Signing with Maybach Music Group

After releasing his mixtape “Driving 88”, which received 4 out of 5 stars from XXL magazine, Rick Ross and Diddy contacted Rockie Fresh. Rockie Fresh was surprised by Diddy and Rick Ross’ interest in him because he never his album would reach them, let alone show an avid interest in him. He first met with Rick Ross whom showed him to numerous artists such as Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Bidman as well as other artists. He then Met with Diddy whom showed him to his LA and NY mansion. When it came time to make a decision, he chose Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group over Diddy’s Bad Boy. Rockie says that Diddy seemed right but Rick Ross just felt right.

Puma Endorsement Deal

Rockie Fresh recently signed a deal with Puma, he said that Puma appreciated his style and he, as an individual, had much respect for the brand. He also said he used to have pumas in high school, and had many of their products before signing the deal. He claims that both him and Puma are getting ready to release so new products very soon.

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