Renegades are factions of a particular gang that operate by themselves, and have no allies with other sets of the gang. Traditional gangs tend to be allies of other sets of the gang, however when a particular set become a renegade set, they forego their alliances with the other sets, as well as any alliance they main gang might have had with different gangs. All renegade gangs consider themselves EBK(Everybody Killer). The only allies of renegade sets are those that the renegade sets forge with other gangs.

Though most gangs have factions that are renegades and EBK, fact of the matter is majority of gang sets are renegades. Think about this, more Crips have been killed by Crips than by Blood gang members. That Crips statistic is true, not because most Crips sets claim to be renegades, but because gang sets are loyal to their sets first and foremost, and when necessary, they will go to war with other sets of their gangs.

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