Regent-Gangster Disciples Rank

A regent is a rank within the Gangster Disciples which falls right after a ‘Governor/Area Coordinator’ and right before a ‘Street Enforcer’. A regent’s role might include coordinating drug distribution and/or manage Street Enforcers. Street enforcers report to them, and are tasked with making sure Regents’ orders are followed by all members beneath them. A regent reports directly to their governors/are coordinators.

In Lil Jay's song 'Competition', he attacks Lil Durk by saying "You’re GDK but your daddy was a regent". Lil Durk is a Black Disciples gang member, while his dad used to be a Gangster Disciples; due to an ongoing war between the two gangs, Lil Durk has claimed GDK, which stands for 'Gangster Disciples Killer'.

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