The meaning of the slang word 'Ratchet' is subjective. Ratchet has been used by many artists in their songs, and the meaning tends to differ from artist to artist. It’s mostly used in the hip hop culture, some have used ‘ratchet’ as a positive word, and others as a defamatory word. The word is often mistaken as coming from the word ‘wretched’ which means someone who’s miserable and has poor character

The origin of the slang ‘ratchet’ is often traced back to Cedar Grove in Shreveport, Louisiana. The song on record to have first used the word ratchet is ‘Do the Ratchet’ by ‘Anthony Mandigo’. Mandigo apparently adapted the word from his grandmother according to Angela Nichols. Angela “Angie Locc” Nichols would later do a remix of the ‘Do the Ratchet’ song, and on the CD the remix was on, he wrote the definition of ratchet as “n., pron., v, adv., 1. To be ghetto, real, gutter, nasty. 2. It’s whatever, bout it, etc.”

Other artists whom have used the word ratchet includes LL Cool J, whom released a single titled “Ratchet”, in the song ratchet was use to describe a woman who’s only after a man’s money, often referred to as a gold digger. Juicy J also released a single titled “Bandz a Make Her Dance” in which he claims he’s unable to refuse the advances of a ‘ratchet’ woman. There is also a parody track titled “Ratchet Girl Anthem” by Philip and Emmanuel, the video of the track shows what a ratchet woman looks like, ratchet girls can be seen carrying outdated flip phones, going out to party while pregnant, and fighting other ‘ratchet’ women. Philip Houston, gave an insight of what makes a woman ratchet by saying “Putting a weave in the microwave just to curl it, that’s ratchet.”

Though different artists put different meaning behind the word ratchet in their songs, majority of the public uses the word in more of a defamatory way to describe any women whom are deemed to be ghetto, lack values and morals, dirty, annoying, etc.. In short being called or calling yourself ‘ratchet’ is similar to the b*tch word, though some people find it ok to be called the word, most people with values and an education would rather not be called ratchet.
From Reading Ratchet definition you now know this word is mostly used to point out someone who's ghetto, loud, annoying, etc... Here is a table to find out if you are ratchet..


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