Portrait (Rapper)

 Portrait born or better known as "Offbak King Valid" Tessai Anderson is a younger unsigned Drill rapper. Though from Florida he has ties and is highly Affiliated with Chicago being a member of Killaward "078".  He recently did a "Faneto remix" with Chicago Drill rapper Jodi Dinero of FYB. He himself is a member of KTS (Chicago) and VGF (Framingham) which is why he is known as Offbak King Valid. Portrait has released a couple of songs but does not have an official mixtape out tho has an EP comming out in the near future. He has reffered to rappers such as Kutthroat von, FBG Duck, Lil Mister, Lil Jay, Lil Marc and King Yella as role models and people who inspired him to start rapping. All of his songs can be found on his soundcloud page soundcloud.com/Offaktherapper. Portrait has unfortunatly has found himself beefing with Boston rapper Jeszar Hearts over stolen music. Portrait Confronted Jeszar on his home turf in Boston after which Jeszar called the police on him attempting to get him sent to jail.::

Through music Portait gained many friends and affiliates one being rapper "Niko Valid". Over time Niko and Portrait became friends and he asked to join the group. Niko spoke with other members and Portrait was later able to join in Valid Gang which is where the "King Valid" comes from. 


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