Montana Of 300-Hot Nigga Remix Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Montana Of 300)

FGE we some hot niggas
Never catch me in no picture with no opp niggas
And Jay real that's my shooter he done popped n*ggas
No we don't box but I'll put you in the box n*gga
Came from the bottom now I'm clean, detox n*gga
Whole squad get into the guap nonstop n*gga
Pocket full of knots n*ggas
Know he keeps them Glocks with us
Itchy on me while I'm getting scratched, chicken pox n*gga
I remember takin' money to the stash house
Now'a'days i be pullin' all this cash out
Foreign broads, foreign cars when I smash out
Who woulda thought it all started from a half ounce

And n*gga all i know is spaz out
Turn down my block and see these hittas, better bag out
I call my hammer camera show you what this flash 'bout
Ready for you pussies so you know I keep that mag out
B*tch I'm a savage I do damage I'm a bad boy
I end your life quick, play it watch me fast forward
Don't let me catch you up traffic with that bad broad
While gettin' top *POP* brains on the dashboard

I'm the most electrifyin' and death-defyin' yea petrifyin'
Giant mesmerizin' you n*ggas with what I specialize in
Weaponizin' my brain with knowledge I know you recognizin'
Excersizin' demons they fiendin' and im forever grindin'
If I'm coppin' nine im cockin' nine and poppin' nine
It ain't rocket science your daughter find you I'll bust a lion
Now the preacher preachin' the choir singin' your momma cryin'
Thots be lyin' on me they want me to slide my cock inside 'em
Rap god baby im tryin', I am hip hop's goliath
Cursin' all you rappers with blessings while im monopolizin'
Sorry motherf*ckas apologizin' is not surprisin'
I'm that awkward silence, so powerful I can stop a riot

And Telly been my n*gga since the sixth grade
Always poppin' out the cut like a switchblade
And n*gga f*ck all this rap sh*t
You dont wanna see me in that all black sh*t
You keep on talkin' Ima kill you put that on to God
After I find out where you livin' Ima go inside
Its goin' down, slide over with the .45
Click Clack wet his ass like a water slide

Or I might run up like a bum on em (BANG)
Police interrogate I'm goin' dumb on em
My n*gga you don't want the gun play
My gun spray I off a n*gga like the bug spray
Beats get brutally murdered whenever I be on it
Flow so cold Wayne Gretzky could come play hockey on it
Sold the nina thing for 250 and had a body on it
And theres plenty more where that come from if anybody want it
I tell my n*gga throw the SUV in reverse
I'm bout to put these pussy n*ggas on a t-shirt
So pray to god when I up it you don't be first
Before he judge yo ass you gotta see me first
Pussy n*gga shoulda had a vest on him
These n*ggas squares I'm just playin' chess on em
B*tches on D like a full court press on em
Handrest ready shawty wanna put the neck on him
Growin' up i never had sh*t
Well motherf*cka' that was past tense
Now i got it that's why i be talkin' cash sh*t
She only cheat on him with me now that's a bad b*tch

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