Mixx Mobb

Mixx Mobb is a gang set located in Chicago, Illinois. Their members consist of EveryBody Killer " class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">"EBK" and Gangster Disciples , hence the name Mixx Mobb. This set was in the spotlight in 2014 due to one of their members, Desean Pittman, being gunned down by the Chicago Police Department. According to Authorities officers responding to gunshots found Pittman standing over a wounded man Millie, after refusing orders to drop his weapon, he was shot and killed by an officer CPDK

Mixx Mobb Members:

  • Desean Pittman (Dead)
  • Anthony Dickerson (Dead)
  • Tank Montana (Rapper)
  • Dorian Williams (Incarcerated)
  • Mixx Mobb Mikey (Shooter
  • T3|TT (Shooter)
  • Lil Dee (Rapper|Shooter)

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