Mendeecees Harris

Mendeecees Harris is a real estate developer turned reality TV star. VH1 has come up with a very successful reality docu-series known as the Love and Hip Hop. This reality show has produced at least two popular names; Mendeecees Harris and his wife Yandy Smith. This loving couple are now well-known throughout New York City. Before Mendeecees Harris enjoys his fame in the show business, he is known as a real estate developer in this country. Today, he has managed himself to be a reality TV cast member and music producer with an amazing net worth more than $500 thousand. Let have a quick look at his biography in the following paragraphs.

Mendeecees Harris and His Childhood

Mendeecees Harris started his career as a real estate developer and now he finds himself very busy building his own empire in the music industry. This popular figure is actually from Harlem. This is the place where he was born and raised. St. Nicholas housing projects was a major part of his childhood. Not only that this is the place he spent his childhood time, he also gained entrepreneurial spirit and an early appreciation for hard work.

Thanks to his enormous hard work that he put in every field he jumped into, he can now enjoy successful results from his real estate business and music empire. Mendeecees Harris is now seen as an important figure in the world of hip hop music. Not only that Harris becomes a successful manager for a number of beat-creating artists, he turns out to be an excellent hip hop music producer. If you like a quick glance of his music empire, you might need to take a look at Beat Factory studio in the Bronx. This sophisticated hip hop music studio is owned by Mendeecees Harris.

Mendeecees Harris in Love and Hip Hop

Harris was also known as the boyfriend of another star from VH1's Love and Hip Hop named Yandy Smith. In 2015, the confirmed their romantism relationship through a marriage. This married couple is now gifted with two children, Skylar and Omere. Little that you know, the relationship he has with Yandy Smith turns out to be his second one. Previously, Harris had another relationship with another girl and gained two sons.

Mendeecees Harris and His Criminal Life

Nobody is perfect, that's for sure. Even a successful music producer, reality TV star and real estate developer like Mendeecees Harris might have a dark side that surprises most of his fans. In January 2013, Harrris was charged on molesting a 15 year old girl. He was arrested and had to get through a long trial. That's not all, Mendeecees Harris was also imprisoned for drug trafficking. This was a very serious charge on him but he managed to get out of jail after paying the bail.

Some popular celebrities have good looking face while some others have a very unique name. Either way, we can easily put them in our mind. Mendeecees Harris seems like a successful figure that attracts us with his unique African name. Beneath his successful life in real estate and music industry, it is pretty sad to know that he had some issues with the laws.

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