Marcus Baldy London

Marcus London, AKA "Baldy" was a 19 year old gang member of the 600 Black Disciples set from Chicago. Marcus was from the 6000 block of South Indiana Avenue. On Sunday morning of July 17, 2011, while walking with a friend on the 6000 block of South Prairie Avenue, Marcus was shot to the head while his friend was shot in his ankle. Both individuals were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where Marcus London was soon declared dead.

Who Killed Baldy

Though Baldy's killer was never apprehended, many have speculated that he was murdered by Omar Kebbeh, a rival gang member. Omar Kebbeh himself was allegedly killed by 600 gang members in what was likely retaliation for Baldy in September 2012. Omar Kebbeh's brother, Mohammed Kebbeh, was also killed as revenge for Baldy's death.

Following Marcus "Baldy" London's death, the 600 gang decided to form "Baldy World" as a tribute to Marcus London. It's very common for gangs to adopt nicknames for fallen members in Chicago, the 600 gang have also created "LA World", and "D-Block" among others.

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