Lotto Savage

Lotto Savage is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who is gaining popularity in the hip hop community. He isn’t, however, planning to stop with his current level of fame. He wants to get out there, to have people discover his music, and for them to enjoy it. According to Lotto Savage, he became a Muslim and Blood gang member while in prison.

Lotto Savage influences

Lotto Savage’s main influences are Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, etc. After “Dirty K” became a success, 21 Savage provided Lotto with a piece of advice that got him to make a career from music.

Apart from his musical influences, Lotto Savage was highly influenced by a particular friend. He owes the rapper 21 Savage a great deal of credit regarding his own career. The rapper claims that if it weren’t for 21 Savage, he wouldn’t be rapping t all. The 25 year old, Atlanta rapper is a part of the Slaughter Gang and is an affiliate of 21 Savage. Together, 21 Savage and Lotto Savage collaborated on a song together called “Dirty K” and began his career from it at the age of 21. Their song spews phrases about guns, the Slaughter Gang, and weapons.

It wasn’t long before “Dirty K” began making money and when it did, 21 Savage told Lotto Savage to capitalize off of it. From that moment on, Lotto Savage began rapping. For this reason, he probably wouldn’t have begun rapping unless 21 Savage had told him to continue.

Lotto Savage Future

Now that he’s gained recognition, however, Lotto Savage plans on expanding his fame, which is supported by a major label supporting him called Epic Records. This record company is well-known for having signed Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, Shakira, and much more. With this company backing him, there is no doubt that Lotto Savage’s goals will become reality.

After “Dirty K”, Lotto Savage released another hit called “Trapped it Out”. Because of how well this song is doing, Lotto Savage is hoping that the success will only continue.

Nowadays, Lotto Savage doesn’t write down the lyrics for his songs; instead, he freestyles, which means he raps without planning out what he’s going to say. He simply allows the words to flow and before long, a song is created.

Overall, Lotto Savage is an ambitious man who wishes to change the face of hip hop. He wants to introduce his unique sound to the world rather than remaining a local artists. With how ambitious the rapper is, there is no doubt that he will become successful in his future endeavours.

Lotto Savage - Trapped It Out (Music Video)

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