Lil Rasheed

Lil Rasheed is a little kid from the South Side of Chicago whom has appeared in numerous online videos acting inappropriately. In one of his videos he is shown doing Yaga to an unsuspected woman which ends up removing her wig from her head, leaving her embarrass. In another one of Lil Rasheed's video, he can be seen playing dice. In yet another of Lil Rasheed's video, he's shirtless and holding some cash, while talking about gang banging.

Though Lil Rasheed's videos are often seen by viewers as a kid doing videos for fun, in most of his videos he's cursing and/or acting like a thug, and critics claim someone his age shouldn't be exposed to the things taking place in his videos. Lil Rasheed has also criticized Chicago rapper Chief Keef and also appears in a video in which he slaps RondoNumbaNine.

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