Lil Jay - Hot Nigga Lyrics

(Lil Jay - Verse1)

First off, I'm the best nigga hands down
Middle finger to the opps, they some damn clowns
N*gga run up on me, he gonna get blam down
Clout Lord, I'm up next, I'm getting bands now
30 off of my Robins, n*ggas broke and they starving
Do a hit and we marching
Get out the car, straight park it
Tookaville I'm the sergeant
We shoot first, no arguing
We clap sh*t like an audience,
Have n*ggas singing like an opera
Now n*gga gonna need a doctor,
I'm a real n*gga, you're an impostor
I crack shells like a lobster
We scored on your team,
That's a goal n*gga, no sucka
I call up them shottas,
To come through with them choppas that knock down helicopters
Clout Lord, I like hanging with some hot niggas
Get off a pill and go spray a block n*gga (rolling)
We got semis, we got 50s, we got glocks n*ggas
063 yeah that's my block n*gga
If you fake you can get expose
Rear view on the glock, it knock off your nose
Creeps and goofies I don't f*ck with those
You be smoking reggie, I be smoking dooooope
Blood money sipping by the four
Team no lacking, keep my pole everywhere I go
N*ggas acting like b*tches, catch feelings like hoes
All I know is clout up, I don't fuck with glos
I'm Clout Lord, b*tch I'm Double0
I like f*cking foreign thots wearing designer clothes
I like cracking moves, and I like getting dough
You disrespect the gang then you gotta go,
cause all you n*ggas b*tch made
Cut the tough talk with a switchblade
FBG all my n*ggas getting paid
We'll push your sh*t back like french braids
44 magnums, bullets you can have them
Got good aim, so you know they ain't gonna pass you
Lay a n*gga flat like I knocked over a plasma
Pump in his mouth like the n*gga had asthma

(Lil Jay - Outro)

Show you n*ggas how to do this sh*t man
lil n*gga you better clout up, fo real fo real
Do this sh*t from state to state man

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