Lakeside (Chicago Gangster Disciples)

Lakeside is a set of the Gangster Disciples located in the Lakeside area in the South Side of Chicago. This particular set gained some notoriety after Lil Bibby and Lil Herb started to become famous. Both Herb and Bibby are members of No Limit (Renegade Stones), a rival of the Lakeside. No Limit has a pact with the Muskegon Boyz (Renegade GDs) known as 'NLMB'.

In October 2013, Lil Jay posted some tweets indicating that Lil Bibby ran away when he saw him, even though he was simply trying to say what's up to him. Since that video was posted, Lil Jay's gang, Tooka Gang, slowly started becoming an enemy of NLMB. In 2014, Lil Jay clicked up with various Lakeside rappers, Jackboi Boomain, TBeastie, and Birdy Montana and made a remix of Chiraq which was a dissed aimed at NLMB titled NLMBK.

Lakeside Members

NLMB vs Lakeside

There are numerous videos on youtube showing confrontations between Lakeside and NLMB, one of them shows some Lakeside members walking through NLMB streets and attacking them.

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