Kyyng, which is pronounced King, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1995. His younger brother, Prynce, was born a year later in 1996. Prynce is invested in music just as much as his brother and they’ve collaborate on songs; for example, Bloodaz, together. Bloodaz’s music video shows men, including Kyyng and Prynce, waving guns around. The song, itself speaks mostly about drugs, money, and fame. Kyyng is also a member of the Bloods gang.

Kyyng Vs Young Thug Vs Lil Wayne

The same way critics claimed that Young Thug was a rip off of Lil Wayne, many now claim that Kyyng music artist is inspired by Young Thug; however, Kyyng says that his only inspiration is actually Lil Wayne. Though Kyyng denies getting inspiration from Young Thug, he also doesn’t mind the comparison. He has been quoted as saying that he is doing to Young Thug what Thug did to Lil Wayne.

Kyyng Fight

Rumors have been spread lately about him possibly having gotten in a fight on Gucci Mane’s video set; however, Kyyng denies this completely. In 2016, a video on Youtube shows Kyyng in a fight with another unidentified individual. Kyyng claims he won the fight, but youtube comments say otherwise.

Kyyng Bio

Kyyng began professionally creating music when he was only sixteen years old. While Lil Wayne was his only influence, Kyyng listened to many local artists while he grew up; such as, Hot Boys and Soulja Slim. Like many others, Kyyng viewed these artists as having change the landscape of music in New Orleans.

In an interview, Kyyng discusses his belief that determination and ambition is the key to success because people can do whatever they want if they simply believe in themselves. He inspires his fans through his own success and growing fame. His goals are as ambitious as the advice which he grants to his fans. He plans to get rich without becoming greedy like other artists out there. Kyyng plans on making money to help his family and to be able to live without struggling to put food on the table.

Kyyng is going to achieve this by becoming the best rapper in the world and he won’t stop until he achieves this dream. He has, however, received some backlash because he released an album named Slime Season 3 in 2016. The album itself isn’t a problem; however, he released it under the same name as an album which Young Thug released. Not only this, but it was premiered on the sameday of the same year as the album which Young Thug created.

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