Kutthroat Von

Kutthroat Von (Big Kutthroat) (born Devon Davis) was a rapper and gang member from Chicago, Illinois. Von's music often detailed his daily gang activities as well as diss his rivals. Kutthroat Von was a member of the Gangster Disciples from the set known as Lakeside. On June 23, 2015 , Kutthroat Von was shot to death in what police believe was a drive-by shooting in the 7500 block of South Ellis Avenue. Kuthroat Von also rapped under the monkier "KTS," KTS is an alliance formed between Lakeside, Pocket Town, and 075 Vice Lords.

Kutthroat Von Shooting

Kutthroat Von's gang (Lakeside) was at war with numerous nearby sets including NLMB and Sirconn City. Many are speculating that the hit was done by the Sirconn City Gangsters.

Kutthroat Von Social Networks

Kutthroat Von (KTS) - No Love

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