Krazy Getdown Boyz

The Almighty Krazy Getdown Boys (KGB) is a gang which was created in the late 1980s in the Marquette Park area in Chicago, Illinois. KGB didn’t start out as a criminal gang, but rather a party crew which had no affiliations with the People alliance nor the Folks alliance. They remained a party crew until 1992 when they started warring with numerous people gangs as well as the Satan Disciples and Insane Guess Boys. By 1992, KBG had allied with the Ambrose street gang which recommended that they join the Folks alliance. Ambrose helped the Krazy Getdown Boys join the Folks nation which brought them closer than before. Soon after joining the Folks nation, KGB became one of the hardest gangs operating in Chicago and expanded their territories in the Marqutte Park as well as taking over new spots in the Chicago land suburbs. Their leader, Hitman G was killed by rival gang members and was replaced by Lil Siegel. Lil Siegel would later get locked up, leaving “Chief G” as their leader. The gang still operates out of Chicago in the Marquette Park area. Krazy Getdown Boys enemies include the Satan Disciples, and some Folks gangs such as Two Sixs and La Raza. They are bitter rival of most People gangs such as the Latin Kings, Saints and Party Players among others.

Almighty Getdown Boys (KGB) Rappers

  • Lil Zay

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