King Yella

King Yella is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is also a member of the Gangster Disciples gang from the set known as Ada Block (Skeeze World/Skeezy Gang). King Yella is affiliated with rappers and gang members from FBG, (Clout Boyz), Bricksquad, and STL among others. Some of King Yella’s most popular songs include “Hot N*gga Remix,” “Ain’t With That Glo,” and “Clout” among others.

King Yella VS Cardi B and Offset (Migos)

King Yella claimed he hooked up with Cardi B while she was engaged to Offset in 2017. King Yella proceeded to release a diss song titled "Cardi B Truth" and also released numerous pictures with him and Cardi B.

King Yella vs Lil Jay

In 2015, King Yella was set to marry Queen D, an alleged Chicago thot, but the wedding was put on hold following Queen D’s alleged hookup with Lil Jay. Up to this point, Lil Jay was a close affiliate of King Yella, and many saw the situation as a betrayal by Lil Jay. Though King Yella’s relationship soured following Lil Jay’s betrayal, King Yella claims he’s still on good terms with Lil Jay’s gang STL (Tookaville)

King yella later released a video in which he detailed a confrontation with Lil Jay and some of his crew members. According to King yella and FBG Duck, STL Butta (Tunechi) tried to steal King Yella’s chain while they were hanging out. King Yella claimed that Lil Jay was shook and told Tunechi to give the chain back. In the video, King Yella claim they got their chain back and took one of Lil Jay’s chain.

King Yella later released a song titled “N*ggas Changed” in which he talked about his situation with Lil Jay, rapping “I done never f*cked with snake n*ggas anyway/Try to f*ck a n*gga main b*tch that’s not okay.”

King Yella VS GBE/Glo Gang

King Yella has a long standing feud with members of Chief Keef’s GBE/Glo Gang crew. This beef stemmed from a gang beef between the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples in Chicago and reached its height following the death of well-known GD rapper Lil Jojo. While King Yella and his affiliates are mostly GDs, majority of the rappers affiliated with Chief Keef are members of the Black Disciples gang. King Yella has dissed Chief Keef’s crew in a number of songs including “Aint With That Glo.”

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