King Dash

King Dash is an upcoming rapper from Sumner Houses Projects in Brooklyn, New York. He's in 2 music groups known as "YAZ" (Young Angelz) & "YMM" (YdoubleM) YAZ is a music group which is known in the Bronx, with rappers including King Dash, Dimeaduzen, and Dolla Dolla. YMM is a music group from Brooklyn, with rappers/singers including King Dash, Izzy, Quis Bands, and Stylez. King Dash feature in hit songs such as Dope House, Tryna Make It, Up Next, and YMM Anthem. According to this young rapper, he also plans on releasing a mixtape called "Before The Fame" sometime around June, 2016. Dimeaduzen, which is one of King Dash closest member in the YAZ music group also features in hit songs with King Dash such as The Fame (Prod by King Dash), Dope House, Monster, and Tryna Make It.

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