Justo is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is affiliated with Chief Keef'sGlo Gang| Glo Gang record and is Fredo Santana's cousin. Like Fredo Santana, Justo also has a cross tattoo on his forehead. Some of Justo's most popular youtube videos include Young N*ggas featuring Capo and Pull Up among others.

Justo Gang Affiliation

It's believed that Justo is a member of the Black Disciples gang, however, around August 2014, Bricksquad gang members released a photo of Justo throwing up the rakes, a Gangster Disciples hand-sign, which indicates that at some point Justo was a GD gang member or was at least cool with the Gangster Disciples (Glo Gang is currently beefing with Bricksquad (GDs)).
Justo Gangster Disciples

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