Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever is a slang term used to describe white people in interracial relationships. This term was originally used to describe relationship between a white woman and a black man, the term later included relationship between white man and black woman, nowadays, any white individual in an interracial relationship can be said to be having 'Jungle Fever'. The meaning of the term vary between individuals, but most people use the term to describe a white individual who's sexually attracted to a black individual.

Is Jungle Fever Racist?

Though the term is more socially acceptable in today's society, the original meaning of the term is often considered racist or at the very least derogatory. Jungle Fever's original definition was used to describe a white woman whom has a fever causing her to be sexually attracted to a black man (from the jungle). Before the term jungle fever became popular, there was another more racist term being use to describe a white woman's love for black man known as "Nigger Fever". Nowadays, the term is socially acceptable by many, though it's not uncommon to find certain people whom take offense to it.

Jungle Fever Movie And Songs

A movie titled "Jungle Fever" directed by Spike Lee was released in 1991 which starring Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra. The movie's soundtrack was performed by Stevie Wonder.

There is also a song titled "Jungle Fever" performed by Belgian group The Chakachas which was released in 1972. The song was banned by the BBC as a result of the song's heavy breathing and moaning.

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